Summer will be soaring high this year in Andhra Pradesh


According to the IMD (India Meteorological Department) report, the temperature will be soaring high this summer over Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalseema.

There will be heatwave and if the predictions come true then the temperature would be about 48-degree celsius. The state has also been put on an alert for the extremely harsh weather condition.

With this news in line, GVMC officials will also chalk out a plan in the betterment of the situation by ensuring sufficient drinking water, repairing of borewells, and ensuring the water in public places.

The weatherman has also cautioned that there will be thunderstorms as well as heavy pre-monsoon showers, so the prevention must be taken care of, as previously there were several deaths reported caused due to lightning.

Already Therlam in Vizianagaram district has experienced a Pre-monsoon shower with the highest rainfall of 33mm on Sunday.


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