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Sundar Pichai: A man with mission mode


Yes, he is Chennai’s genius shy boy, who is leading one of the world’s giant tech company. He is the mastermind behind Google’s many popular products. The most innovative, powerful, and versatile executive in the tech industry. He is none other than Google’s CEO Pichai Sundararajan, known as Sundar Pichai.

Born on 10th June 1972, Pichai Sundarajan grew up in a middle-class family in Madurai, Pichai spent his childhood in a two-room apartment. A curious boy Sundar, through his interactions with his father, developed a keen interest in technology. His first encounter with technology was at the age of 12 when their family brought their first phone.

He completed his schooling at Jawahar Vidyalaya School, Chennai. And his graduation in B Tech in Metallurgy from IIT Kharagpur. As Sundar wanted to study MS in the US, his father helped him financially by withdrawing an amount, more than his annual salary. His father’s efforts became fruitful. Pichai got a scholarship at Stanford University where he completed his MS and followed by an MBA from Wharton School of the University. His first job was the role of Product Manager in Applied Materials and then worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. Soon he was about to climb the ladder of success.

He paved the way to Google through his impressive degree, work experience, and brilliant interview that got him a job in Google. He recalls, Pichai, at his 5th round of interview, answered confidently about how he could improve the Gmail product, and that explanation landed him a job in Google.

He advanced his career there by working as a product manager, and his innovation efforts helped Google launch successful products like Google search toolbar. Google launch successful products like Google gears, Desktop search. He contributed to the development of Apps such as Gmail and Google Maps. The turning point of his career was Google Chrome, launched in 2008, which led him to the position of Vice President of Product Development. It was on Sundar’s suggestion and convinces that co-founder’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin agreed, that Google should build its own browser. And the rest is history.

Chrome became a massive success and the most popular browser in the world. He made a public debut of Chrome OS and the Chromebook in 2011., and later on became the leader of the Android operating system in 2013. His sheer hard work, and excellent leadership skills, eventually led Pichai to become the CEO of Google on August 10, 2015. Currently one of the highest-paid CEO. Sundar was also ranked third best CEO in 2018.

From being a studious child to becoming a powerful CEO of a giant company Sundar is surely a man with a vision, who continues to inspire people through his marvelous journey.

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