Superhero that saved thousand of lives during the Vizag gas tragedy


We all may love our Marvel and DC heroes but it is the real life heroes that save our lives for real.

Starting from soldiers to doctors, sanitation workers, Police and many more. The people working in the frontline are our superheroes with their uniforms on.

Recently the Vizag gas tragedy that happened and the situation was far better than worse was because of the team that worked and rescued in such a time.

One of the heroes that we should remember in such a time is Uday Bhaskar, Vizag Zone two DCP with his timely and fact action, he went with his team at the right time and saved about thousand lives.

From breaking the doors to lifting the elders to put them into the ambulance, they did it all as a rescue operation.

The situation could have been worse than that but kudos to the team who came on time and made announcements.

Seeing the efforts put in by him, the Chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy appreciated his work and put forth his name for President’s medal.


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