Supreme court Adjourns the petition of officially Renaming “India” as “Bharat”


On Tuesday, the Supreme court dismissed the petition which is filed to rename “India” as “Bharath” without giving a further date for the next hearing. The petition filed by Namah- a resident of Delhi sought to amend the article 1 of the constitution in order to replace the word India with Bharath arguing that it would instill a sense of pride in our nationality.

This petition is to be heard today, but has been adjourned as the bench reserved for the hearing was unavailable.

Going back in the time, the naming of the country was one of the most debated topics in the constituent assembly since the country obtained its independence. And finally, the constitution adopted two names for the country, “India” and “Bharat”. Petitioner Namah filed the petition seeking to drop India from the constitution because he believes that the name India is a symbol of slavery.

Inputs from Kavya Sarvasiddi


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