Supreme Court will hear UGC case on August 14


The Supreme Court of India gives SG Mehta time for filing the Union Grants Commission response. Delhi and Maharashtra Governments had filed affidavits regarding final year exams. The court had even asked SG Mehta to clarify, if the Disaster Management Act, under which the state governments claim to have canceled the exams for the final year students, can override the notification of the Union Grants Commission. The hearing will be carried on August 14. SG Mehta told the Supreme Court that the entire UGC scheme will be brought to its notice during the next hearing.

He also brought to the notice of the Supreme Court that UGC has the sole authority to award the degrees to the students. He also added that state governments cannot cancel the exams and expect UGC to award the degrees. Earlier, UGC had asked the universities to conduct final year exams by September 30, in a manner that universities seem fit. However, petitions were filed against the UGC decision saying it is unsafe to conduct the examinations due to the prevailing pandemic.

Supreme Court will give its decision on August 14. Sooner the decision, it would be good for the students. As the clarification is not yet released by the universities regarding the examinations as the case is pending at the Supreme Court.

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