Surge of cyber crimes through whatsapp


Cybercriminals are resorting to new tactics to attack targets in the new environment where so many activities have moved online due to the crisis unleashed by the viral pandemic. They have now chosen Whatsapp as their platform for several crimes. Lately, many of them fell in their traps already.

Hackers trick users with official WhatsApp logo as display picture. The hacker creates a fake account and puts official WhatsApp logo as display picture posing to be the account of WhatsApp technical team. Then the hacker messages the user to share the six-digit verification PIN for verifying their identity. When the user sends the PIN, the hackers use the information to log into the target’s WhatsApp account from their device.

After this, the target’s user account gets hijacked. The attackers can then leverage their access to the hijacked account to further send fraudulent messages to friends and family of the target, asking for money, PIN, OTP, etc.

The cyber crime department orders the users to activate ‘two-step verification’ for social media accounts. This will enhance the security of their account and even if the attacker gets access to verification code, a password will still be needed to successfully log into the account.

Inputs from Vuha Kunapareddy

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