Take me back to the Natural Arch


The city of jewel is such a blessed city that it has hillocks as well as beaches but being a vizagite or even a tourist what we miss the most are the beaches.

So let’s virtually connect to one of my fav beach.
NATURAL ARCH is one of my current favorites which is located opposite to thotlakonda hanuman statue.

As it is a bit far from the city it has comparatively low footfall and it can be considered as a best sunrise spot and is also a mood booster.

If you are not a morning person u can experience the same level of calmness during evening as well.

Have u been there but didnt find the arch?
No worries u are almost there,as this place is covered with many rocks and this arch is hidden beneath those rocks so you cant find it right there on the shore.

And of all the ride from the city to this beach enhances your experiences there specially when you hang out with your friends.

This place has got attention of many recently as it is a naturally formed structure resembling an arch and became a hub for photoshoots.

⚠️Safety first but standing on the center of the rock and watching the sea will be a eye feast so better try not to miss it.

🔺️How to reach: Take the First U turn( after crossing hanuman statue at thotlakonda) go further towards your left you will find a rocky path leading you “towards the beach” (Alert- eyes on it or you will miss it ) Enter the path and take a right you will find a way, walk until you find a board describing the natural arch,then head towards the beach.

🔺️Timings: Not allowed after 7pm on summers,6pm on winters.

🔺️Grab some handy snacks as food is not available there.

🚯Do not throw any waste there, it is a cleanest beach as on date, Try to carry back your waste with you.
Do visit after this situation is under control😊

By Praveena Raj

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