Tea and haitaki might have potential therapeutic effects against the virus – IIT Delhi


With the daily emerging surge in the widespread of the virus, there have been worldwide consistent efforts aiming at better therapuetic options, with minimal toxicity. In this regard, the Indian favourite TEA (Camellia sinensis) and HARITAKI (Terminalia chebula), may show significant positive effects in fighting against the virus, says a recent study at IIT Delhi.

TEA ( both green and black ), and HARITAKI ( harad in hindi, karakkaya in telugu, Inknut in English ), have been successful in targetting a protein called 3CLProprotease, which is essential in helping the virus replicate, to increase its number in the human body. Targetting this protein might therefore help cease the replication of the virus, curbing its intensity. The experiments carried out by a group of researchers, led by Prof Ashok Kumar Patel from the Kusuma School Of Biological Sciences, IIT Delhi, investigating the bioactive constituents of TEA nad HARITAKI, concluded that tannic acid has been the key molecule in inhibiting the viral protein.

“Indian herbal and medicinal plants have a vast repository of bioactive omponents useful in combating many diseases. In this the beneficial effects of tea in eliciting relief for covid related conditions have been increasingly evident”, says Dr. S.K. Khare, Dean and professor, IIT Delhi. The findings suggest that tannic acid (gallotannin) might now stand as a potential therepeutic candidate in the race against covid 19.

Inputs by Sindhuja Ragathi


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