Telugu kid in UK raises Rs. 3. 7lakh for India’s Covid hit


In an inspirational story, a 5-year-old boy of Manchester in United Kingdom, with his roots from Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, managed to raise Rs. 3.7 laksh fund for Covid-19 relief in India by cycling 3,200 kms. Aneeshwar Kunchala launched a campaign titled ‘Little Pedallers Aneesh and friends’ in the month of May to raise funds for Covid -19 patients for India, wherein 60 other kids participated. Together, the group covered the record-breaking distance on the bicycle and raised money to lend support amid the on-going pandemic.

Inspired by the 100-year-old British veteran, Sir Thomas Moore, the young boy organized a cricket championship in the past to accumulate funds for the National Health Survey (NHS) in the UK. Earlier, over 40 million was raised by Captain Tom Moore for the NHS charities to assist them financially in their fight against the novel coronavirus. He had also performed 100 laps in his garden with a walking stick to gather more amount to assist the medical fraternity.

The Telugu boy’s photos were shared by Dr. Andrew Fleming on Twitter who lauded the boy’s effort and his contribution amid the global health crisis. Aneeshwar’s parents, who reportedly hail from Chittoor Andhra Pradesh, were visited by UK MP Andy Carter who admired the spirit of the 5-year-old. Carter reportedly said that he was amused by the fantastic achievements of the boy who took it on himself to raise funds for those in need during such hard times. Meanwhile, MP Charlotte Nichols scheduled a meeting with the boy for August 6 after learning his act of compassion. Aneeshwar was quoted as saying that he was delighted to meet with MP Andy carter and would continue to do whatever he can to help NHS fight against the COVID-19 disease, as per media reports.

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