The Dark World


It was 24 th December , 2014. Never knew that I would have been a debtor forever to my transaction. I remember, I was in high school at that time. I was a nerdy, sportive girl who aspired to become an astronaut . I was my dad’s Lil girl who wanted to acquire the moon for him. I was a single parent child , as my mom was taken away by god at an early age. I always wished to go far away from earth to explore another dimension, never knew this wish would have been granted the other way round.
I remember, I was in school at that moment, it was an hour recess.My heart rates were decreasing, I was feeling numb , and puked quite a few times. I was feeling obnoxious and my skin was turning pale. I thought it was a minor sickness due to the weather change , I opted not to worry my father about it, as I knew I could handle it by myself. Never knew that decision of the spur would have punished me rigorously. I was falling sick quite often and my health was deteoriating I was loosing weight, my skin was turning pale, I was looking like a demon .My father was a sea person he travelled to vivid places in his pearl of ship , so he stayed very less at home with me and Nani .It was after two months during my boards, that one fine day my health was worse and I succumbed on the road. I had no clue where and when the incident took place. Next morning when I woke up to the chirp of bird , I looked around and the place was unknown to me. There were machines snarling , I was captivated by many tubes and an oxygen mask.

It was the visiting hours , my dad and Nani walked in with teary eye, I asked them what happened papa and Mai ? I’m fine as you can see , within two days I will be discharged, don’t worry I’m a fighter , papa. My father started weeping and he left the room. I couldn’t understand anything, what was going on? I had no clue about the situation . Doctor entered the room, and I asked him doctor uncle I will be fine right? What happened to me? Why is my papa crying? There were an array of questions. The doctor seemed to be gloomy and sorry and with a weight in his heart, he replied, dear you’re suffering with Melanoma. Melanoma? What’s that doctor? It’s a type of skin cancer which is dangerous, it completely destroys your remote organs implicitly. I was astounded, shattered, broken from inside. I felt a part of me was already dead , with a trembling voice I attempted to ask the doctor ” will I survive the battle ” , he said the chances are less as you’re in the last stage , you have 1 month time in your hand. My heart was aching ,I felt the numbness.

After few days I finally flew out from that cage, felt little better, I was breathing in the fresh air. I told myself that no matter what happens I will be a fighter, I need to fight this out and freed thyself from me. I started to take my medicines , imbibe in the fresh air and go according to the routine set up by the doctor as there were 5% chances of my survival, there was hope and I was living by it. I decided to go to school, dad was worried as he felt I would become restless. I somehow convinced and rode to school. I felt things would become better when my friends are around me, but I was wrong. Things got worse. People were looking at me as if I was an untouchable, my friends debarred me, nobody spoke to me, I was embraced by loneliness. I used to cry at the corner of the classroom with a hope that they would start mingling with me one day , things would be fine, but no they didn’t, I confronted my best friend Elisa , I asked her what’s wrong with you people, why aren’t you talking to me? She rudely replied, can you please get aside, as your disease is contagious enough to creep within me. I was shattered by those harsh words.i went back home, locked up myself for a day. I was really having a tough time chemotherapy was going on , my head was shoved, I lost my colour and weight drastically, my skin was burning and I scratched every moment as if I’m about to peel my skin off. I had enormous pain killing me from inside, day by day I was nearing to my doom which lied under green sod. I wasn’t able to to move or walk , I had sleepless nights

Usually the most exciting day of the year was my birthday and it was two days later. My dad came up to me and asked what do I wish to get on my birthday? Somewhere my soul was screaming for getting back my life, I wanted to live But I knew it was a myth. So I asked him papa can you please write me an eulogy? He started weeping and said sweety , I won’t let god take you away from me, already your mom has gone far away from us, I won’t let you die. He said and slept next to me, next morning when he woke up to the birds chirp he saw a beautiful pale face staring at him and he knew he lost me forever. …..
My soul screamed, fought and wished enough to get back my life, but some wishes can’t be fulfilled , hence I was driven to a dark world forever


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