The Drug Circuit


It is sad to notice that the tragic death or suicide of the young actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, has resulted in his girlfriend and her brother now being taken into custody for supplying drugs to the actor. The roles of the state and central governments and the media trials in most TV channels are not above reproach, if not totally appalling.

It is indeed strange that Sushant Singh Rajput, who is credited to have had a high intelligence quotient, would have to depend on his girlfriend for the procurement of drugs. The drug marijuana also is known as cannabis, popularly known as ganja in India, is a low-end drug that is used by people of all sections of society for recreational purposes, and as far as I know, was not unknown in ancient India. Ganja smoking and having zarda in paan are so routine, as routine as the hookah bars that have sprouted all over urban India. Incidentally, in many countries marijuana or ganja has been legalized for medicinal and recreational use.

Readers may recall the 2006 drug abuse case of Pramod Mahajan’s son, Rahul Mahajan, who was accused of drug consumption and other drug-related charges along with the mysterious death of the manager Vivek Maitra in their bungalow. The drug in question was cocaine and a cocktail of other very expensive drugs. I am not sure whether Rahul Mahajan served a long jail term though he was taken into custody. Also, after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, move star Kangana Ranaut who had taken on Bollywood movers and shakers as being a band of plotters and said doing drugs was a common recreational sport among Bollywood stars now has suddenly switched her target to take on the state of Maharashtra.

This truly seems such bizarre role-playing being exchanged for another totally different screen-play for the same film, notably after the first half of the film has been shot and publicized. This is definitely not just new normal but, a topsy-turvy environment of post-truth, post ethics, and fake news. But then again the truth lies in the ironic fact that false cases, false charges had been leveled against so many through the centuries, in order to serve the ulterior motives of a few.

And among all these unscrupulous assaults on ethics and abuse of human rights Covid-19 thrives, the economy hasnosedived, aggressive posturing at the borders has reached an unprecedented high. But sadly again, as an educated, cultured citizen and middle-class middle-aged, cautious people we just bear it all, till one day we will expire from co-morbidities, both physical and mental if in case the coronavirus evades us.

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