The Floating Solar Project of Visakhapatnam was telecasted in National Geographic channel

The-Floating-Solar-Project-of-Visakhapatnam-will-be-telecasted-in National-Geographic-channel tommorow 

The Floating Solar Project of Visakhapatnam was premiered in ” The Next Frontier India’s Smart Cities”, on National Geographic channel on 15th August at 6 PM.

Specifications and Benefits of the project: 

Floating Solar Project is setup at Mudasarlova, it has a 2 MW capacity floating type with fixed tilt.

It generates 3613500 units of electricity per year. And saves Rs. 2,30,90,265 in electricity bill’s per year.

The environmental impact of this plant is equivalent to 1,38,600 mature trees.

This plant reduced 3,080 T of carbon emissions per year and also 1,540 Tons of coal is saved per year.

Floating Solar Power Plants can reduce evaporation of water by 33 percent.

Helps in water quality improvement and reduced maintenance costs as it reduces sunlight penetration and potential reduction in alage growth.

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