The initiative taken by the Vizag zoo park to celebrate World Pangolin day


As the count of Pangolins is coming down by each day the city zoo will mark its first World Pangolin day celebration in collaboration with Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society (EGWS) on February 15.
Pangolins are the nocturnal mammals that are illegally poached out of India to Myanmar, China and other parts of the world. Compared to other species these are mostly smuggled for their scales, meat and other body parts. Their demand is high as they are also linked to the Narcotics industry where their scales are used to make methamphetamine which is a psychotropic drug.
Due to their escalating poaching the four Asian Pangolin species are being wiped off from the face of earth and to bring in notice of people, the awareness program will be conducted at Indira Gandhi Zoological Park to emphasize the importance of conservation of Pangolins as it is the need of hour as International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) have classified all eight species of the mammal as endangered.


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