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“The Journey of Cinema” documentary screening on 19th December at Kalabharati at 5 P.M in Vizag


A documentary titled “The Journey of Cinema” will be screened at Kala Bharati Auditorium at 5 pm on Saturday. In this one-hour-long documentary, junior artists will show their themes from all walks of life especially struggling for approvals in the field of cinema. Enthusiasts who are participating in this event will be given the opportunity to share their experiences, difficulties. Admission to this event is free.

Speaking during a media conference held at the VJF Press Club in Daba Gardens, Dhanunjay, a film actor and founder of Abhay Productions, said that there is no doubt that cinema gives relief to every man who is overwhelmed by the constant pressures of life. However, we are trying to explain to the world through a documentary about the advantages and disadvantages of this field of entertainment. He also stated that Visakhapatnam is the second most favorable place for the film industry after Hyderabad.

Gantla Srinubabu, President, Vizag Journalist Forum, congratulated Dhanunjaya for trying to explain the many changes that have taken place in the last 125 years from 1890 to the present. And he also said the cinema industry is not a bed of roses but full of thorns. Badam Gir Sai said that the Artists are contributing their contributions to the art world and journalists. The press conference was attended by Sunil Charan, Satya, MNR, and others.

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