The makers of the Giant Mural Fish share the journey of making the sculptures


A giant fish mural made out of recycled plastic bottles which was installed in Visakhapatnam’s RK Beach road recently has become a popular tourist attraction. It was commissioned by GVMC to promote the recycling of plastic bottles and to encourage sustainable living.

Hello Vizag speaks to the makers of the beautiful fish mural. Mohammed Rabbani and Vamsi Krishna Reddy from Vizag came up with the idea to reuse plastic and design something unique for the city. This idea was approved by the GVMC and the work flung into action.

There are two fish sculptures that have been placed at the spot. The height of the first fish is 15 ft and width is 20 ft and the height of the second fish is 7 ft and width is 9 ft. The artists have used around 9,000 bottles, 60 litres of gum and 45 cans of silicon. It took around 1 and half month to complete the sculpture and around four people worked on it night and day to stick individual bottles.

Speaking to HV, Rabbani, said, “I design things to beautify the place with different types of materials like fibre sculptures, cement sculptures, mural painting and with scrap items. I wanted to come up with something different and then the idea of plastic bottles sculpture struck me. The plastic bottle sculpture is one of it’s kind in the country and we are happy to have it in the city of Destiny.”

“One of the challenges was getting the big fish to the site because of its huge size and the obstacles like current wires and tree branches. “We started at 8.30 pm from Arilova and reached around 1.30 am to RK beach,” said Rabbani (40 yrs).

Vamsi Krishna, Director of Sri Balaji Nursery, said, “A recycled art made and installed to create awareness on single-use plastics and need of recycling of plastic bottles. Made with recycled water bottles, the sculptures of the marine life that Vizag is proud of, stands as a testimony of the enormous and unsustainable waste generated by humans and the need for reversing this trend- hence the idea ‘Recycle Your Attitudes’.”

“GVMC Commissioner G Srijana, IAS and Assistant Director of horticulture Damodhar have encouraged us and have supported our ideas in making the city a cleaner and greener place,” added Vamsi Krishna .

The foam that has been used in the sculpture can withstand heat and rain. They have tested it with wind pressure with high speed fans. The glow sign board with a structure in the shape of a bottle highlights on the need to recycle our attitudes and going the sustainable way. ‘On average, only 10 per cent of water bottles are actually recycled. The other 90 per cent end up in the landfill or litter the environment’, a board set up by the GVMC said. To enhace the beauty, the artists have used multi-colour lights for the sculptures. The next time you visit RK beach, do have a look at the amazing art.

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