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The most advanced ‘low-cost’ ventilator design in India by S-EVAK


In an effort to overcome the pandemic at a large scale, a Simplified Emergency ventilator based on Ambu Kit (SEVAK) has been designed by KS Engineers. Based upon latest medical research, it has been indigenously developed as a ‘low-cost’ ventilator.

S-evak is designed by a strong interdisciplinary team at KS Engineers. S-evak is inspired from latest research and open-source collaboration across the globe.

S-evak is a volume-control ventilator for invasive and non-invasive ventilation. It is a simplified emergency ventilator with a strong focus on core ventilation functionalities which are necessary for COVID-19 patients. S-evak is based upon Bag-Valve Masks (BVM) or Ambu Kits which are commonly available in all hospitals. By adopting a simplified design and by using standard medical parts, S-evak aims to overcome the pandemic at a large scale.

Development of S-evak began with identification of the requirements for a low-cost ventilator based on the collective wisdom of many clinicians and medical personnel. S-evak has been designed against these requirements and extensive testing has been conducted to ensure that all requirements are met. S-evak has high quality mechanical and electronics components, fail-safe programming and robust monitoring system to meet medical needs.

In 2020, BVM based ventilators are being used around the world to fight COVID-19. S-evak takes the latest research and best ideas from across the world and implements them for Indian context.

Various scenarios where S-evak can add immediate value, specific to the present COVID-19 pandemic, the team has anticipated the following scenarios in which S-evak could provide respiratory support:

• Onset Scenario – A deteriorating COVID-19 patient, who is short of breath & hypoxic; hypoxemic respiratory insufficiency means they are not breathing well enough to adequately oxygenate their blood. Clinicians at this point can initiate respiratory support.

• ARDS Scenario – Worsening clinical status recognised when a patient develops Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). S-evak could be a bridging solution until a traditional ICU ventilator becomes available.

• Intubation Scenario – The patient will be intubated or have a tracheostomy (limited / no applicability to mask)

• Sedation Prevention Scenario – Those patients are otherwise going to be sedated and paralysed (invasive ventilation requires sedation, and paralysis will prevent patient-ventilator dyssynchrony if assist-control is not available)

• Transport Scenario – Ventilated patients required to leave the ICU for imaging or procedures can be supported with S-evak, unless determined that the patient requires support outside its range.

• Home-care Scenario – The beds in most Covid hospitals are occupied and the quality of care is not satisfactory. S-evak can be used to provide emergency medical care at home under the supervision of medical personnel.

Aadarsh Saxena, the core team member of KS Engineers, envisons a strong future for MedTech solutions in India. Bringing cutting edge medical technologies to India at a reasonable price point unlocks huge value for our Indian consumers.

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