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The Special Bond Of A Brother And Sister


The bond of a brother and sister is always a special one. It is called one of the best relationships as compared to relations we share with all other people. Sure, they have those fights which are cute, they encourage you, protect and also stand by each other at all times. The siblings’ relationship is balanced by love and trust. Their relationship teaches you so many things like accepting differences, being emotionally skilled and having each other every time.

To cherish this unique and sweet sibling bond, here I have defined their relationship in the best way:

1. Always by your side: Brother, Sister are together as friends and are always ready to face whatever life sends. Joy & Laughter or sorrow they hold each other tightly and move on through life.

2. The adorable fights: Every brother sister relationship is like Tom & Jerry. They tease and irritate each other, knock eachother down, but they can never live without each other.

3. Strong bond and a stronger support: The best bond is between a brother and a sister. They support each other when one needs it.

4. A parent you can befriend: When your mom and dad don’t understand you , you always have a sister to understand it.

5. A true blessing: People who have a brother or a sister are really so lucky. It’s obvious that. They fight a lot, but that is something which makes this bond so special.

This endless love is filled with joy, happiness, fights, arguments, arrows and many more. It becomes the best part of your life which even adds meaning to our life. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your sibling with lots of love and happiness.

By Bhumika Joshi

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