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The world’s First official Covid Vaccine is here


It’s been one year since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the scientific community has come together to work on potential treatment and vaccines. As a part of this effort, newer technologies are being expanded including one based on messenger also known as mRNA. This technology is being used to research a new type of vaccine to determine whether it may be able to help combat Covid-19.

Indeed humanity has been tormented by Covid. Across the world, economic output has plummeted, and a million-and-a-half people have died. After profound research and lab testings, the scientists have done it by using the virus itself to perform a kind of biological jiu-jitsu to turn the virus on itself in the form of a vaccine. And now, the scientists have done it. The virus has to be stored at minus 70 degrees, each person needs two injections, three weeks apart. Developed by American Pharma company Pfizer and Berlin firm BioNTech, the vaccine recorded an efficacy rate of 95 percent in its final clinical trial. But what makes this vaccine so effective?

The vaccine’s secret weapon is mRNA or is called the “messenger” so to say. What it does is that it delivers genetic information to parts of your body to make sure that it erases the already present genetic information and your body naturally makes and uses mRNA. It is one of three kinds of ribonucleic Acid (RNA) that all work together to translate pure genetic deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) information into proteins in your body. The mRNA also reaches the body to produce spike proteins and prompts certain T-cells and antibodies which will respond to the virus and in turn fight it, making them safe to the virus altogether.

mRNA vaccine is not the only type of vaccine available. So far Moderna and Pfizer are the ones who have used this technology but others are not far off and Bharat Biotech has also said that their vaccine is almost 100 percent effective against this virus but official reports are still yet to be published. The Pfizer vaccine will use a “two-dose” regime which means people will have to get 2 doses of injections 21 days apart before they are fully protected against the coronavirus.

According to Pfizer spokeswoman Roma Nair, they are working towards making sure India also gets its hand on the new Pfizer vaccine and that they are in touch with the government to make sure every citizen in the country gets access to this vaccine. But now new sources have claimed that India might not get the Pfizer vaccine any time soon as Pfizer has not partnered with any Indian company to have any sales here in India but an emergency waiving off of this rule might be done so people can get the effective vaccine as soon as possible.

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