There is thinking out of the box and then there is learning out of the box


Can you just imagine what would it be like to row in complete freedom?
Have you ever imagined what it would have been like if you had spent your childhood free of anybody’s clutches, no school, no exams, no heavy bags,no adults telling what to do and what not to. You could choose when to wake up, what to eat, how to spend every minute of your day, play as much as you want to or just dream and imagine.

Homeschooling, rather home education has been prevalent for many years overseas. In fact it has been there even in our country when we had a kind of home in Gurukula.

Education doesn’t start and end in a classroom. The process of educating a child cannot be rested with a rigid regimental school. Partnership with the child by all adults are involved in the child’s life.

With homeschooling, parents guide and teach them in a more flexible way than you’d be able to do in a school. Parents have the time, space and the permission to know their child’s interests and what they’re actually passionate about. Homeschooling helps parents to work on the syllabus based on the child’s talents, hobbies or things that they like to do. There’s absolutely no waste of time as the child completely enjoys doing it.

Socialisation is rich in the life of home schoolers. They always be a step ahead of the groups. Positive words always have an impact. They are value driven and also, develop inner voice.People think children are wasting time during playing, but there’s deep learning happening. There is focus, imagination and creativity.

Inside the school, the expectations are unrealistic. Imagination doesn’t have space in schools. Once the children come out of the room after schooling, most of them have no idea of what they are, what are their strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Homeschoolers will definitely be in integrity where the mind, body and spirit moves as one; head,heart and hands not fragmented.Our education system today is too mind oriented. Children growing up in freedom remain in integrity.

There are certain misconceptions about homeschooling. ‘Children will not be able to develop mental skills or rigour or discipline.’ They develop inner discipline, passion is what drove them what they wanted to do. Nobody had imposed anything on them.

Our minds are responsible for the tangible things in the world. Only if we allow our minds to run free, everything can be recreated, re-designed and re-imagined.
Homeschoolers gain a confidence in who they are and they just need not fit in the group. They could fit anywhere.

Summarising with a good news, Ms.Archana Dange and Ms.Moulika Devineni said, “The Helen O’Grady International Preschool is offering an innovative homeschooling kit called CrEdo with the idea of nurture with nature. Children learn with material found at home and in their gardens. They have small projects to take up. Parents are trained and supported on every week for any doubts or pedagogical guidance.”

These kits may be ordered at the Helen O’Grady International Preschool which is located in MVP Colony.

Inputs from Vuha Kunapareddy


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