‘Things that people will rush to do after the lockdown ends’ Vizagites say a list to Hello Vizag


It’s been almost 2 months of a lockdown, and with the recent relaxations that have been announced, people are dreaming about the time when this pandemic will completely end and the terror will leave us.

People of different ages and fields were asked about their time spent during the lockdown in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by their families. They were also asked about the first thing they would do once the lockdown is lifted completely, without any restrictions.

It was concluded that everyone had been harnessing at least one of their existing skills to keep themselves occupied. From perfecting culinary skills and saying, “Definitely going to audition for MasterChef next year!” to the influx of home workout videos which helped motivate all of us to get up and stop being a couch potato.

Improving their artsy and musical skills, learning a new language, taking up online courses, or applying for at-home internships, everyone has been productive in one way or the other.

Coming to the first thing that they would do, there were a variety of answers. The most common of them was, “Meeting my family and friends, and never taking it for granted.” “I’ll go to the airport, and take a flight to any place, I miss travelling.”, said Mr. Ravi, who travelled once every few weeks, for his business.

“I’ll hit the gym! I love working out at home, but I miss my gym and the equipment.”, explained Mrs. Farzana, a gym instructor.

Ms. Sanjana, a student, missed the spontaneity, “I’ll go crazy, and I’ll come up with something spontaneously!”

Mrs. Anitha, a manager, said, “I’ll go to the temple, and thank god that this finally ended.” Farah, a student, said, “I want to get a hundred tattoos. Life’s too short and uncertain.” “Go to CCD for a cup of coffee.”, said Ria, a homemaker.

Meenal, also a homemaker,said,”I will continue giving myself some time in the entire day. Being in quarantine has done wonders for my mind.”

However, apart from these responses, a lot of people also showed concern and were skeptical about going out. Sushma, a student, said,”I would like to stay home. We never know how the situation actually is.” People also responded by saying that they would like to continue working from home, rather than taking a risk by going out.

Most of them, like medical staff and essential workers, have no other choice than to go out and work, by taking the necessary precautions, and we’re so thankful to them and for the work they’re doing, which actually allows us to stay home comfortably.

By Yukta baid

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