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This International Women’s Day, dedicate time to be together, more than anything else.


Women’s Day brings with it the time to celebrate and cherish the women in our lives. But to begin with, it has to begin at home! It simply means that spending time together is the need of the day, and you have to make your women feel special. Be it the mother, the wife, the daughter, or the friend. Promise them that you will celebrate Women’s Day every day and spend quality time with them.

Time to give back

The women in your life continue to do a lot for you. Today, it is the time to give back. Indeed, Women Day is synonymous with celebrations; for all that, she does for us. Of all, she stands for. It is a humble tribute, albeit only for a day and can be followed for each of the year, to that person in our life who was, has and will always be there for us irrespective of whatever happens.

Happy sentiments

Surely, you love the women in your life and there is no doubt about it. So now, time to build the happiness quotient by cherishing all the memories you have shared with her. Think of all the times she has made you laugh and you have irritated her in jest. Recollects the times you will have had fun and painted the town red. And apply to regale the day with your women, reminiscing about the past and promise your time!

Women today are fearless leaders and are setting examples for everyone to follow

Women are the epitome of courage, strength and hope. They are no less than anyone and are carving out their own identity in their own right. Although we don’t have the stature to patronize them because they don’t need our support or help, this is only an earnest attempt to define femininity in all its wonderful glory. And although it is unsaid that every day is a Women’s Day, 8th March is only one of the day to appreciate the mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend.

In celebration of success stories

All women are successful in their own right in every capacity or role they take up, exceeding expectations every time and in every way. Be it the mother or wife who tends to her home, takes care of the children, works at the office, and comes back home to look to the family, this routine in itself is only what a woman can achieve without complaining.

Or the daughter or friend who doggedly pursues her ambitions against all odds and often has to fight patriarchy or bias, albeit unfortunately that a concept like this even exists, and does what she wants. Women are the symbol of inspiration and they have proved time and again that their might is mightier than most! So this Women’s Day, celebrate success stories at home. Do your bit to show that you care and take time out to spend with the women in your life.

In celebration of individuality

Women today have carved out their own identity and wear their attitude with pride. They are not afraid to go the extra mile nor do they back down when it comes to proving their right. They have unleashed their identity and proudly so, having their own unique sense of style, thought, actions, and deeds. They are ready to take on the world with their own might and are a force to reckon with.

They are heading the way and are miles apart and ahead when it comes to controlling emotions, and seeing situations through. They are capable of handling all kinds of pressure without crushing under the weight. Today’s woman is like a swan on water, Calm and composed over, but underneath, paddling furiously to move ahead! Hello Vizag wishing everyone a very happy International Women’s Day.

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