This Mother’s Day, Let’s Thank Our Metaphorical Mothers!

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In the rush and disorientation of time of it being Mother’s Day today, let’s not forget the various women who played the motherly roles of nurturer and protector at different stages of our lives.

Today is Mother’s Day, and while most of us are sad about not being able to get the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year due to the lockdown, there are still a lot of things we can do to make our dear Mumma happy. Things like cooking all the meals, cleaning your room, and giving her an at-home spa day, even just listening to her will make her day.

Let’s all acknowledge, appreciate, and show our gratitude to those women in our lives, who were not mothers, but that didn’t stop them from watching out for our well being.

The Older Sister, who took care of you as if you were her own child, and saw you as her responsibility.

The Mom Friend, who is the alarm clock and reminder, and takes care of everyone else before thinking of herself.

The Aunt, who treated you like you were her own kin, who was never partial to her own children and guided you in a caring manner.

The Always Sweet Neighbor, whose welcoming nature and ever helping attitude made you miss Mummy way too often.

The Teacher, who was basically your mom at school, and who you went to for every trouble you had but couldn’t share at home.

The Aaya, who cared and looked after you when umma was needed elsewhere or was busy with work.

The Grandmother, who was always trying to out-mom your Mumma by making more food and giving more hugs. (Nani and Dadi ka khana is the best!)

The Professional Mentor, who was subtly your mom at work; who showed you the way, the workings of corporate life and adulthood together.

The Maid, who doesn’t just cook food and clean for you, but truly cares about you and your lifestyle.

The Senior in College, who guided you and motivated you to stand up against the ups and downs of college life, and who made college worthwhile.

Here’s to these incredible women and everything that they do, and how appreciative we are to have them in our lives.
Happy Mothers Day ladies, we love and respect you!

by yukta baid


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