Three more cases in Vizag and further fresh cases in other districts, Confirmed COVID-19 cases rise to 162 in Andhra Pradesh


Overall in India the cases rose over 2,000 and the death toll as of now is 53. After the religious congregation that happened in Nizamuddin area, New Delhi. Officials have been tracing out quite efficiently, in order to check and halt the further spread of COVID-19.

Three new cases of COVID-19 came into light, the cases were reported from Vizag on Friday and in other disctricts also the cases rose up to 12 and now it amounts to 162 in Andhra Pradesh.

As of now the number of cases in Ananthapur are 2, Chittor 9, East Godavari 9, Guntur 20, Kadapa 19, Krishna 23, Kurnool 1, Nellore 32, Prakasam 17, Srikakulam 0, Visakhapatnam 14, Vizianagaram 0, West Godavari 15.


Source: AP govt


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