Tips to follow while wearing facemasks

Tips to follow while wearing facemasks1

Since it has become mandatory to wear facemasks, Dr Sriteja of Skin Med shares 5 Skin Care tips to follow while wearing facemasks:

As facemasks cover nose, cheeks, perioral area, it becomes difficult for the sweat to evaporate from the surface of the skin leading to trapping of sweat. Since we talk inside the mask, the saliva and the sweat on the skin will irritate the skin and cause rashes and even triggers acne breakouts. Here are few tips to follow to keep your skin healthy while using facemasks regularly, sates dermatologist Dr Sriteja.

1. Change your masks frequently.- The minute you notice your facemask is damp, change your mask. If you are a healthcare professional using n95mask, you can number your masks from 1-5 & use them accordingly.

2.No MAKEUP- Do not wear makeup on skin which is warm & sensitive. This will irritate your skin more.

3.NO LIPSTICKS- the ingredients in your lipstick might irritate your skin more and cause dryness so do not use any lipsticks or flavoured lip balms

4.Use a barrier cream-After washing your face with nonsoap cleanser, apply a zinc based barrier cream & then wear a mask. This will protect your skin barrier

5.Moisturise your skin- Apply a moisturizer at night on face and petrolatum jelly on your lips.

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