To be Optimistic: Is it too difficult? No, it is not


Everything was smooth, life was blissful, and then suddenly, a blink of an eye and a BIG halt. The world enters into a GREAT PAUSE, with one of the deadliest enemies of mankind, the virus pandemic traps us with its strongest hold. Ambiguity, scare, fear of illness, begin to haunt each one of us every day. This is Life for you, my friend! But we are God’s most innovative and intelligent creatures. We assuredly know how to sail through. All we need is a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook. This too shall pass…

Even in dire circumstances lead with optimism. Just a few buzzes for the mind –

*Limit your intake – not the food! Just the news. Be selective, chose a single news source.

*Remind yourself of your pliability regularly.

*Watch funny videos, have a hearty laugh– time to revive Mr. Beans!

*Acknowledge yourself for an accomplishment daily – helps dilute the negativity.

*Hit the pavement – Not literally… Don’t underestimate the power of a brisk walk.

Being positive doesn’t come naturally to most of us, so Practice, and more Practice. Things are hard right now, take this as an opportunity to set the conditions for a positive outlook. Keep spreading those sprinkles of optimism around.

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