Tollywood backs up Vijay devarakonda against the battle of Fake news


With so many newspapers, broadcast channels and digital platforms, one thing stays common is increase of fake news.

Fake news spreads faster than the pandemic with that one click.

It was recently that Vijay devarakonda came up with his initiative to help the poor and middle class people. To which a lot of media houses or people said that it is an act of publicity stunt or a road map to revamp his fame.

Reacting to it, he said as being the carriers of truth, there should be right news and not speculation of fake news.

To which a lot of actors backed up his cause of #killfakenews and supported him.

From Mahesh Babu to Rana and Anil Ravipudi has lend a supported and tweeted back on this thing.

News can make or break a thing, when things are worse, why can’t the truth be told rather than sabotage the reality just for thr viewership.

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