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Total Budget outlay for Waltair Division – Rs 1192 Crores to Rs 1300 Crores


With a focus to create a ‘future-ready’ Railway system, the budget allotment in the Union Budget 2021-22 has been significant for projects to be completed in 2021-22. Funding is to ensure that no progress is hindered for lack of funds. There has been a significant increase in outlay for Road Safety works, Road under Bridge and Over Bridges, and LHS in addition to passenger amenity works.

Ongoing Doubling and New line works given priority with an allocation of Rs 871 Crores. Jagdalpur-Koraput (110.22 km), Koraput-Singapur Road (164.56 km), Jeypore – Malkangiri (130 km), Jeypore – Navarangpur (38 km) are included in this funding.

Towards Traffic facility works an amount of Rs 20.90 crores allocated which includes Gopalapatnam-Vizianagaram – Provision of auto signaling including Simhachalam bypass line, Conversion of Line 4 into longer loop with common loop status for python trains at Chipurupalli.

For Road safety works that includes Road over/ under bridges, level crossings an amount of Rs 47.22 crores have been allocated that includes Palasa-Pundi – Road over bridge in lieu of level crossing No.ML/373 (Srikakulam District), Ponduru-Sigdam – Road over bridge in lieu of level crossing No.ML/438, Naupada-Kotabommali – Road over bridge, Urlam-Srikakulam – Road over bridge, 3 Limited height subways in lieu of level crossings Palasa-Pundi & Pundi-Naupada, 3 Limited height subways in lieu of level crossings Kotabommali-Tilaru, Palasa-Pundi & Kotabommali Yard etc.

Track renewal works which enhances rider comfortability, safety and sectional speed are also got priority for which an amount of Rs 170.64 crores has been allotted. The renewal works include Through sleeper renewal, track repairs, ballast works etc over the Waltair Division.

Maintenance of Bridges, tunnels and approaches are important which got Rs 20.87 crores. The Signaling and Telecom works got Rs 22.125 crores that will be utilized for replacing old signaling system, modernization and repairs.

Further, Wagon POH workshop of 200 Nos capacity at Vadlapudi, Visakhapatnam -which is almost completed got Rs 30 crores, Augmentation of Diesel Loco Shed, Visakhapatnam for homing 100HHP locomotives got Rs 10 crores, Augmentation of Electric Loco Shed for homing of 200 locos got Rs 1.5 crores fund allocation in this budget. In total workshops and sheds got Rs 45 crores funds in this financial year.

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