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traffic violations lead to suspension of driving licenses in Vizag


Excitement usually knows no bounds, especially when you are enjoying on the weekends or coinciding with the festive seasons. In many ways, 2020 marked the end of an era, however, the festivities on several occasions every year only serve to remind how celebrations should also, almost always, include a modicum of responsibilities.

The Vizag traffic police booked around 14 lakh cases under the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act in 2020 and collected a fine to the tune of Rs 77lakh from violators. 60 percent of 1386 accused who got their driving licenses suspended last year were either rash driving or driving under the influence of alcohol. The reasons that lead to the suspension of driving licenses are the usage of cell phones while driving and overloading, which lead to fatal accidents in the Vizag.

During the regular checks at various junctions and accident-prone areas, the police found several persons between the age group of 21 to 30 years driving vehicles after consuming liquor despite massive awareness being taken against such practice. Speaking to Hello Vizag, Ch Adinarayana, ADCP (traffic), said that over 4,000 licenses were recommended for suspension in 2020. The regional transport officials then took a decision on appeal using their discretion. Deputy transport commissioner GC Raja Ratnam said that all licenses canceled were those of men and rash, negligent and tipsy driving were the main reasons for the suspension.

According to the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, if a motorist is booked for a major traffic violation, their license can be suspended for three to six months. Subsequently, the offense gets recorded on the RTO website and the information is passed on to the city traffic police. After the suspension period, the motorist has to visit the RTO office to collect their license. And if If a motorist’s driving license is suspended more than twice, officials have the power to cancel the driving license. In most cases, motorists accused of endangering the lives of others have their licenses canceled.

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