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Trains Diverted to Facilitate Third Line Works on Kazipet – Balharshah Section


In order to facilitate Non-Interlocking works related to laying of third line between Raghavapuram – Kolanur stations on Kazipet – Balharshah section of South Central Railway, some trains are proposed to run in diverted route via Vizianagaram, Rayagada etc to their destinations. Hence theses trains will not run in regular path to some extent by eliminating regular stoppages. Travelling public are advised to be more alert while travelling in these trains.

The details of the trains that are running in diverted route given below:

A. Trains running in diverted route via Vizianagaram-Rayagada- Raipur – Gondia– Nagpur.

1) The train No. 08401 Puri-Okha special express leaving Puri on 11.10.2020
2) The train No. 08402 Okha-Puri special express leaving Okha on 07.10.2020 & 14.10.2020
3) The train No. 08407 Puri-Ahmedabad special express leaving Okha on 07.10.20 & 14.10.20
4) The trains No. 08408 Ahmedabad – Puri special express leaving Ahmedabad on 10.10.2020.
5) The trains No. 02805 Visakhapatnam – New Delhi AP Express special express leaving Visakhapatnam from 07.10.20 to 15.10.20
6) The train No. 02806 New Delhi -Visakhapatnam Express special express leaving New Delhi from 07.10.20 to 15.10.20

B. Trains running in diverted route via Vijayawada – Duvvada – Simhachalam North – Vizianagaram –Rayagada – Titiagarh – Raipur – Gondia– Nagpur

1) The train No. 02669 MGR Chennai Central – Chhapra special express leaving Chennai Central on 10.10.20 & 12.10.20
2) The train No. 02670 Chhapra- MGR Chennai Central special express leaving Chhapra on 12.10.20 &14.10.20
3) Clone 06509 KSR Bengaluru City—Danapur special express leaving KSR Banaluru on12.10.2020
4) Clone 06510 Danapur- KSR Bengaluru City special express leaving Danalpur on 07.10.20 & 14.10.20
5) The train No.02625 Trivandrum – New Delhi special express leaving Trivendrum on 07.10.20 to15.10.20
6) The train No.02626 New Delhi- Trivandrum special express leaving New Delhi on 07.10.20 to 15.10.20

People are requested to note the changes and act accordingly.

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