Transforming the city into a green city: GVMC Commissioner


As part of the green challenge, Srujana, GVMC Commissioner inaugurated terrace garden in GVMC schools on Monday in the city and also planted seeds and saplings in mud pots.

It is her dream to transform the city into a green city and as a part of it, she urges the people should take up the green challenge, work along unitedly to achieve this goal. Especially this kind of program should be put into the children’s curriculum at schools to spare 10 mins and use their hands and effort for plantation as learning starts from a tender age. Also, the importance of trees was emphasized at the program as the children should know about the products of nature and its importance of preserving it from not cutting down trees, to planting more trees, it won’t just improve the quality of air, but increase the habitation for the living organism.


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