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Nature is blooming at it’s best now but we don’t get to see the beautiful sight of it. One such place in Andhra Pradesh is the Kondakarla ava lake. Being a nature lover, I will take you today I’m going to the 2nd largest fresh water lake in Andhra Pradesh the KONDAKARLA AVA LAKE AND BIRD SANCTUARY which spreads across 1832 acres and is a hub for migratory birds and many exotic indian species.

Famous for its innumerable lotus spread across the lake, different kinds of birds and the boat rides it gives us a feeling of tranquility.

Best place to visit during winter mornings not only coz of cool atmosphere but mainly due to number of lotus are present in that season are huge.

Many of us may have already went on a different kinds of boat rides at different places but this will surely be a different one.

While coming to some details about the lake which were said by the boats men during the interaction:

– Even though the entire district may be in drought you can find water in this lake and it will be the only source for birds so even during the hot summers you can find different kinds of birds here

– About 2 years ago instead of boats they use to use ice apple trees trunks caved into boats for taking on ride into the lake but later with the support from the Government they are replaced with boats

– Unlike other places here 2 boats are tied together for balance and to avoid any kind of imbalance of boat and reduce danger

– small boats have a sitting capacity of above 10 members where as large boats have a sitting capacity upto 40 where boat is driven by 2 members

– Every year There will be a lease where the person who owns the bid will have the right on the entire lotus flowers in the lake, 2019-20 The bid price is 6,00,000. The men in these boats pluck the flowers and they are paid on flowers basis (may be rupee 1 to rupees 3 per flower, it may vary from original price)

– After the Godavari incident which killed many the boat rides are kept on hold for few weeks and later allowed by the police department as the risk is minimal at this place

Kondakarla ava lake or Kondakarla ava bird sanctuary Located in kondakarla village, Atchuthapuram mandal, Visakhapatnam.

Spread across 1832 acres and depth is about 6 feet

Short cut from visakhapatnam steel plant road ( take right from telugu thalli statue ) or 18km from Anakapalle route Public transport is not available use your personal vehicles. Follow Google maps for exact route*

From 6 am to 11 am ( preferably Before 11am because lotus wither after that )

Rupees 100 per person ( for a 30minute ride )

Around 25 kinds of migratory and rare birds, families of ducks, fishes and the lake full of lotus

It’s the best sunrise spot
Though it is also a good sunset spot the drawback is that it lacks bloomed lotus.(we tend to waste time by clicking photos where 30mins ride comes to an end without having a good ride so avoid asking to stop the boat for photos, click while enjoying the ride.

By Praveena Raj

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