Tribal lifestyle


Have you ever wondered what a tribal lifestyle is? If no, then let me take you through! I’d tell you how I spent a day amidst the sons of forest.

Escaping the chaotic world, I reached a beautiful tribal village with a habitat of twenty families. While entering the village, I happened to see few local markets with tribes selling various spices,condiments and succulent vegetables. The star of the markets were the iron woks, specially made by the locals there.

On entering the village, the scene just captivated my soul. I was welcomed with the sweet smells of fresh flowers and lush green trees all around. I still couldn’t get that picture off my mind. It was truly so serene. Also, not to forget about the tribal villagers, their warmth openness to people brings them closer to our hearts.

Coming to food, the rich flavours of tribal cuisine made me salivate(to be honest). That was the proper organic meal I had ever eaten. The freshly cultivated vegetables in spring waters from mountains are delicious. There’s this one special curry cooked with pumpkin leaves and it was so very appetising.

After the scrumptious meal, I strolled along the village and checked out some of the most amazing handcrafted items. I was blown away by the intricate detailing on clay pots and the geometrical jewellery that can never be seen in cosmopolitan malls.Later, the boys in the village and I went for a trek and as I reached the top point, the fold of mountains, the overlapping trees attracted my sight. Also, the clouds gently touching my face is an unforgettable feeling. For a moment, I was into some other world.

There’s something beautiful about sunsets. And what’s even more fascinating is how splendid the sunset looks at different locations.It’s intriguing and amazing to see nature have an effect on people. The sunset was just lovely. What a sight it was! After that, I had some ambrosial country chicken gruel.

Oh! How could I not tell you how aesthetic the night was. The cool breeze blew away all my worries in a snap.
Blooming flowers and wild scents woke me to the morning sunrise and that’s another splendid scene. What left me in awe was their aromatic coffee which I can never have it in Baristas. As time passed, I bid a farewell to the lovely people with a heavy heart and backed my journey to the concrete jungle.

Their lives are beautifully woven in the arms of nature. It’s a world out of world.

By Vuha Kunapareddy


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