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Trisha: Tough story behind the success of this lady superstar


She unknowingly became part of an unwanted scandal. She felt helpless to the core, but there wasn’t anyone to clear her name. She was in a relationship with a Bahubali actor, her engagement with a film producer did not last very few know it. She once appeared in a Falguni Pathak music video before joining the film industry. She wanted to make her career in offender psychology, but tables turned unexpectedly and she shifted gears to modeling. She was flooded with many film offers in her hand. Even though she came from a non-filmy background, credit to her, she slowly started fiding her feet with regional films.

Trishna gained popularity with the superhit film “Ghilli” and gained a prominent status for herself in the regional industry. She tried her luck in Bollywood, but sadly her debut film “ Khatta Meetha” fared poorly at the box office, neither did it help her to make a mark.

Her personal life had for long been a master of public discussion, numerous linkups, gossips, tabloids always had a filed day covering her private life. Just when it seemed things are going hunky-dory, a morphed video of hers made waves. She took pains and went to great lengths to explain that it wasn’t her, but as always people believed what they wanted to. His relationship with a tall handsome hunk did not stand the test of time. Even though the due never had their intentions to go public but soon things went haywire between the two and what remained was just a friendship for keeps.

All this led to her taking a firm decision of choosing acting over marriage 100 times out of 100. Hence, she has a successful career. Her personal life had always been rocked. She had independent nature, she stood firm by her decision. You may call her your inspiration but it was her mom who inspired her. She was the one who stood by her through thick and thin. She left her career midway only to make her daughter’s career. She changed the mindset of the people who choose acting as a career option. She believes that compromising for the sake of others will only let you down. A fierce woman and didn’t change according to the whims and fancies of cinema!

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