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Turning instances of her life to notes and chords, Meet Sruthi Dhulipala, a Carnatic singer


Sruthi Dhulipala is a singer-songwriter and a music fellow at IndianRaga. Trained in Carnatic Vocals under Hyderabad Sisters, Sruthi has also completed her level-5 certification in Carnatic Vocals with IndianRaga. She is currently learning contemporary vocals from Mrs. Rama Vaidyanathan. Sruthi performed at venues around India and the United States, such as The Phoenix Arena Hyderabad, The Gallery Cafe, International Yoga Day, SkyFest, World Music Day at the Goethe Zentrum, TEDx VNRVJIET, and in the annual festivals of Boston University, Autodesk. Inc, & the University of California, Los Angeles. She is an emerging independent artist and is now dipping her toes in releasing original music on all audio platforms.

Sruthi is also a Publicist by profession, specializing in entertainment and music PR. She has assisted in publicity for TV Shows such as The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, etc. She is currently working as a Global Communications Specialist at Autodesk, San Francisco.

Sruthi’s music background

Trained in Carnatic music, Sruthi performed Carnatic and semi-classical fusion concerts in sabhas and venues, such as the Telugu University. Sruthi was also a part of a semi-professional band called “Rooh” and performed in Hyderabad’s live venues. She was also a TEDx Performer at the age of 20 at VNRVJIET, where she shared her “unshelling” experiences as a musician and singer.

Singing has always been a part of Sruthi’s life. Born in a musical family, and as a daughter of Mridanga Vidwan D.S.R Murthy, Sruthi got the opportunity at an early age to accompany him for concerts and learn by observing stalwarts such as Dr. L Subramaniam, Bombay Jayshree, M. Balamurali Krishna, etc. Sruthi believes in learning through observation and has self-learned the piano and songwriting ever since.


Sruthi as a Music Fellow at IndianRaga

Sruthi is a vocal fellow at IndianRaga, an MIT based startup that fosters Indian talent and produces high-quality music projects. As part of the Boston fellowship, Sruthi has arranged and released two projects – O Jaana, a Hindi version of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Senorita (the Hindi part was the team’s own composition) and an English Note acapella bringing the different nuances of Classical and Western realms of the Raga Shankarabharanam – this video garnered 200k views on Youtube & Facebook.

Recently, Sruthi also released an EDM fusion original, Jataa Kataa, out on all audio platforms. Sruthi is now a part of the duo S&S Project with another singer-lyricist, Shruthi Iyer, and is set to release some originals for the band soon!

Upcoming Independent Projects

Sruthi is set to release her first original that she wrote and composed called “Captive” which is a contemporary melody in English with touches of Indian Carnatic. “I have a background of Carnatic which I embrace because it makes me me, but I also enjoy using the touch in anything else I compose or sing in a tasteful way,” says Sruthi.

Captive is a personal melody that talks about someone so lost in thought and anxiety that they end up being captive in thier own head. The lyrics are relevant to the modern-day-millennial, who is juggling through their 20s figuring life out, yet worrying about how their life will pan out. It is simple, relatable, and somber leaving the listener thinking about how they spend their minutes overthinking.


Sruthi has few more releases scheduled for January both independently and with IndianRaga. She co-wrote another Telugu original called “Ee Parugu” that talks about a city girl lost in her metro-lifestyle that she wants a change of pace. She visits her hometown and the song shows a picturesque interpretation of all the things she observes in her hometown. “It’s a perfect Sankranthi song, if all goes well – that’s the aim!” says Sruthi.

“All my songs are pieces of me. I take instances of my life as inspirations and turn them to notes and chords. Although it sounds cliche, the reason I got into song-writing was to find a way of expression. I am an introvert who likes to keep to herself, and when I sing to someone, it’s like I’m a whole new person – I get excited, energetic, I talk a lot, and I enjoy that side of me as well. So, this funnelled into my passion for songwriting and I plan to continue to write songs that I personally connect to!,” she concluded.

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