TV series a new trend amongst the youth?


The monotony of the television soap operas are now being declined with the rise of web and television series.

The youth in the city went bonkers after watching the trailer of ‘Sacred Games’ season 2, the Netflix TV series that caught everyone’s attention about a year ago is all set to release on August 15. It was the first Netflix original series in India based on Vikram Chandra’s Novel in 2006. The trailer that garnered 12 million views within a day, is raising the inquisitiveness among the youth. Given the popularity, the Sacred games fans wait for the suspense and fireworks to unravel. People are counting days to find out what Sartaj will do when nothing has to be sacrificed.

The obsession of watching online T.V series has become a trend among the youth as fascinations over the characters has gone to a different level. Step into campus and the GoT folks to greet their friends -Hey Khaleesi, What’s up to Jon Snow? Some girls also blush when called Hannah Baker of the ‘13 Reasons Why’. Boys wearing a customized t-shirt which says ‘Apun hi bhagwaan hain’. No wonder, the Youngsters steal time and go on binge-watching like bees to the cosmos. Be it a murder thriller, high IQ people saving the world from impending disasters, and the nicely crafted melodramas promoted as ‘originals’ have taken over the GenX.

Exams knock on the door but the students are intrigued to solve the mystery behind the unrelated suicides in Sherlock Holmes. A debate has aroused whether the new wave of T.V series has good or bad effects. Kanchan, a parent and also working as a teacher said: “ There’s a lot of academic pressure and I really feel platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have made life easier for the youth as T.V series, documentaries break the monotony and enlighten the young minds”.

T.V series being the new wave are so dominant that when you enter the college campus or open the Instagram accounts the current story that trends ‘#watching 13 Reasons Why, #watching stranger things season two. After waiting for a span of a year 13 Reasons Why season three will release on August 23. The T.V series based on Jay Asher’s novel created a stir and initiated conversations about depression, bullying and teen suicide among the youth, adult, and college campuses.

Previously people who considered depression, as a taboo are now expressing it openly and talking about it.

“Though T.V series like ‘13 reasons why’ have initiated conversations about bullying, teen suicides on the contrary, in U.S.A the number of teen suicides has been increased,” said Dr. Deepa Mohan HOD of Psychology department in Gitam University. She also said that it’s not the addiction that makes the students watch the series, but the age group (18-22) watch it as they relate to the character and the sync-in factor in the campuses acts as a binding compulsion to get a hang of the series.

It was in 1997 that an American entertainment company ‘Netflix’ founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, which provided streaming video and online DVDs. Netflix was the first one to produce self-commissioned original political drama series ‘House of Cards’. Later Netflix had a global expansion on January 6, 2016. Since then it has been making waves significantly in the Indian OTT(Over the top media services) video streaming market having 5 million subscribers monthly out of 125 million subscribers at the global market.

The main reason for the decline of eyeballs for soap operas or reality TV shows, as people are switching to Amazon Prime, Hotstar or Netflix for watching some fresh content like ‘Breath’ a web series by Madhavan streaming in Amazon, Son of Abish a popular comedy talk show streaming in Hotstar or Narcos in Netflix.

In India the highest subscribers are for Hotstar with 75 million subscribers, Amazon – 11million subscribers, Netflix 5 million subscribers, as per Telecom official.

“ I choose T.V series over soap operas as they are more creative, original, unique content and gives a cinematic experience,” said Sanjeev Patnaik, BBA student, Gitam (deemed to be university).

Definitely there is an evident rise in TV series and we are a witness to it.


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