Two more cases confirmed with Coronavirus


Previously confirmed cases of Coronavirus were from Kerala and now on Monday it was announced by the Union Ministry of Health that two new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) were reported in India, where one is from Hyderabad and other in Delhi.

It was found that the travel history of the Delhi patient is from Italy and the Hyderabad patient has travel history from Dubai. The patient is undergoing treatment.

After the virus had a terrific blowout in the month of January since then there have been many death cases and now the death toll has been risen to about 3000.

All the airports have been stringently undergoing the screening process of passengers. Even a person with minute flu-like symptoms is being looked into thoroughly to ensure people’s safety.

Since the deadly novel virus broke out in January this year, airports across the country, including Visakhapatnam, have been stringently screening passengers for any symptoms. All passengers with flu-like symptoms, including cough, cold are being quarantined. The Health Ministry has issued advisories for citizens with flu-like symptoms to report themselves to hospitals. Keeping in line with the advisory, Hyderabad-based activist and founder of Prajwala Foundation – Sunitha Krishnan reported herself to Gandhi Hospital upon her return from a trip to Bangkok.

The global death toll of COVID-19 is currently at 3,000. The fast-spreading virus is on the brink of being named a pandemic, after spreading to multiple countries.


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