Uber India To cutoff 20% of their employees from their jobs


Multinational ride-hailing platform Uber is undergoing the procedure to lay off around 500-700 employees from its India office, due to the sharp decline in their business. Due to the nation-wide lockdown, which is going to have its 4th edition after 18th May, Uber plans on conducting the layoffs within this week and the next.

This was reported after the initial news report surfaced, a week earlier, that stated Uber CEO Data Khosrowshahi told its staff to expect cutting of jobs in the next two weeks. They are said to lay off around 20℅ of their employees globally. The news report also stated that the decision was almost final and will take place once the lockdown lifts on 18th of May, and around 25-30% of the workforce in India will be laid off due to lack of funds.

The cab business has taken a major downfall due to the present Covid-19 pandemic which has constrained people to their houses. This has seen Uber’s business witness a significant drop across the globe including India.

Uber seems to be delaying the layoffs, as the government has requested companies not to layoff employees amidst this crisis. Uber’s cab business isn’t the only one being affected by the pandemic. Its food-delivery wing, UberEats, recently disclosed the closing of its on-demand food business in seven places which includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Romania, among others.

On 14th May, Uber fired around 3,500 employees globally in a 3-minute Zoom call. It comprised 14℅ of its entire workforce and it was announced by Ruffin Chaveleau, head of Uber’s Customer Service.



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