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Unforgettable 90s kids friendship day celebrations


A friend is someone who brings life to our soul. Friends do have a separate bond in our lives. And to celebrate that bond we have friendship day celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August.

With technology and change in the modern world, even friendship day celebrations were also changed. But here is how 90s kids used to celebrate friendship day.

Friendship bands:
Friendship day is something that cannot be fulfilled without friendship bands. Before even friendship day comes, we used to start buying different kinds of friendship bands. Special friendship bands for your best friends and normal bands for your not so close friends.

Greeting cards:
Handmade greeting cards are something that was special. Making greeting cards for friends beforehand and exchanging them on the day of friendship is a common ritual for every friendship day.

Giving your crush hints:
Having a crush is common. But expressing it is a little difficult for everyone. Giving a greeting card, chocolates wrapped in a gift cover and disguising your proposal in the name of friendship and hinting to them that you like them is something which we used to do back then.

Friendship day:
On the day of friendship day, we used to get ready and meet our friends. Tying friendship bands exchanging greeting cards and playing till we get tired is something we used to do.

Counting the friendship bands:
Counting the number of friendship bands we used to get is something that we used to do. Counting your band is equal to counting your friends. Checking out how many bands others got making your friends feel prior because you got more bands than them.

After the ritual of exchanging greeting cards, wishes and tying friendship bands, in the evening going to friends house or gathering near the street and watching friendship movies that used to come on the TV is something which we used to do. Playing till night and going home.
Everyone has friends at every stage of their lives, but school friends do make your life so special because that’s where your friendship ship sails.

Giving your best friends gifts and making them special. Most gifts used to include compass boxes, pens, roses, pencils etc.

Coming home with a wrist full of friendship bands and a hand full of greeting cards, gifts and chocolates is something that made us happy back then. Those were the nostalgic days where hearts were full of memories. Those days won’t be coming back again but those memories won’t be fading away.

By Priyanka Komakula


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