Unisex skincare to glow from within !


Who doesn’t want a radiant skin! Gone are the days when the only people who looked put together were celebrities, we bring you tips and tricks to glow like a million bucks! And yes, no excuses as men can do these as much as women can!

 Cleanse and care-
All hail the CTM routine! Start with a mild daily cleanser to get that gunk out of your face. Use a non-alcoholic toner containing rose, cucumber or honey to tighten those pores. Using an ice cube works as an amazing toner too! We cannot stress this enough but moisturize like it’s your survival strategy! Use gentle circular motions to massage in with a suitable moisturizer- water based for oily, serum based for combination and cream based for dry skin type. Do this twice a day and you will see your skin texture change in weeks!

 Care from the inside-
It all starts from the inside. Your face tells you what’s going on with your stomach and colon. A stressed digestive track is the main reason for skin problems like acne, irritation, hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Try to keep the 80:20 ratio where you eat clean most of the time and indulge in the processed junk once in a while. Follow the number one rule of being an adult- drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day to flush out those toxins and see your skin brighten in no time! They just don’t say ‘Beauty sleep’ for no reason! Rest that flawless body of yours for a good 8 hours and wake up to a kissable skin! We are keeping this to the last point here cuz we know you hate to hear it but ‘Exercise”! Working out cools your body down and cleans your pores through sweat. So go on and dust off those training shoes!

 Spick and Span-
Keep a decently neat lifestyle. Practice changing your sheets, pillow covers every week as your skin sheds off dead cells every night. Use a disinfectant during laundry. Make sure you change your bath and hand towels too. We request you, especially men to stop touching your face constantly as your fingers are the main source of spreading bacteria to your face and God knows what your fingers have touched! It may seem like a tedious task but try to wipe your phone, glasses if you wear them every day to keep them germ free.

 Make-up-
We know, we know, all you gentlemen would say- “but we don’t do any make-up’! Well this also includes any powders or compacts you use to look fresh. Make sure to use products that are non comedogenic so they won’t clog your pores. After the day’s hard work, do not go to bed without washing all the products off your face. A trick to make your skin glow like the sun is using a bronzer and a highlighter. Tap them on the high points of your face were the sun reflects light and voila! You will have heads turning in awe! Another trick is to use a liquid strobing cream under your moisturiser to give that healthy looking skin some 3-d drama!

 DIYs-
This is the era for do it yourself masks and scrubs! Use non- inflammatory ingredients from your very own kitchen like curd, turmeric, cinnamon, honey, sugar and make your own concoctions for a face or a body mask and scrub. Do not worry as these mentioned active ingredients do not cause allergies! Always make sure though of being gentle with your skin so as to not irritate it. So what’s the wait for? Go ahead, do your little experiment and click that mask selfie and take it to #selfcare on instagram!

 Overdo! No, No!-
Whilst we encourage you to use clean, mild products, we would also like to warn you on overdoing it! Irrespective of what you put on your skin, it is still one of the important senses of the body and it breathes. Overdoing with products, scrubbing your face harshly, shaving hastily will cause your skin to become more sensitive and start breaking out. Always make sure to buy products free of parabens, sulphates and strong fragrances as
they disrupt the hormones in your body which leads to skin irritation. Use clean and sharp blades to shave your face and change your blades frequently to avoid nicks and cuts or a skin infection. Overdoing with stress on daily basis brings unwanted wrinkles, dull and patchy skin so try to take long deep breaths or meditate for 10 minutes daily.

Inculcate these steps as your daily routine and in a matter of a few weeks, you will have amazing compliments coming your way! Practice self-care sessions, see the magic happen and let our your inner demi-god to shine!

Inputs from Ankita Tangade

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