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Unknown story of William James Sidis- American mathematician


The man who has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein and Isac Newton. But you have never heard of him. This is the story of the smartest man in history. Elbert Einstein had an IQ of 160 and Whereas Isaac Newton’s IQ was 190. But the man we are talking about had an IQ of 260.

His name is William James Sidis. Never heard of Him, right? William was born in 1898 in New York is an all-time intelligent American mathematician with exceptional math and language skills, an average of 290–300 IQ. He caught the attention of the world public for the first time with his book Animate & Inanimate, which he published in 1920, which deals with dark matter, entropy, and the origin of life in the context of thermodynamics. William was specially raised by his father, psychologist Boris Sidis, who wanted his son to be gifted.

Born as a great boy, when he was only eight years old, he could speak Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, German and Russian at an advanced level, apart from his native English. His parents were geniuses themselves. William’s father was a psychologist who graduated from Harvard. With intelligence running in his blood and with an IQ higher than the likes of Einstein and Newton. He was destined to be successful. But we have never heard of him. So, what really happened?

At the age of just 18 months, William could read The New York Times. By the age of 8, he learned Latin, Greek, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, Turkish, and American on his own. He has learned a total of 25 languages throughout his life and created a language called Windergood. He was also the youngest person ever to be admitted to Harvard at the age of 11 in 1909 and started lecturing his own Mathematics professors. He was titled the “Child Prodigy”. He was done with his Bachelor of Arts Degree by the age of 16.

William’s intelligence was not believed by some people, but columnists about William’s genius published in the New York Times magazine of the time, and the testimonies of successful professors such as Norbert Wiener, Daniel Frost Comstock, and William James also proved that William had extraordinary intelligence. it was in nature.

William became famous because of his excellent capabilities. But fame was not his cup of tea. William wanted to live a secluded life. He liked to live alone. According to him, it was the “perfect” life. He also added that he never wanted to get married. William wanted to run away from all the fame and attention. William’s father knew that his son was special. He pushed him a lot to carry on with his education.

But as William grew up, he refused to live life on his father’s terms. He wanted to live a normal life. This led to a feud between the father and son. As a result, when William’s father Boris passed away in 1923, William did not even attend his funeral. With all the attention and fame William wanted to keep a low profile. That’s why he worked as a clerk and other small jobs. But still, he used to get recognized by people. Soon the headlines turned against him.

When William started working a $ 100 a month job, the newspapers mocked his intelligence saying that he lost the capabilities that he had in childhood. Soon, William became a socialist. During World War 1, he was an objector and protected in Boston against the war. As a result, he was arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison. But his parents bailed him out. William spent the rest of his life in loneliness. He had no contact with his family. He worked as a machine worked to earn his bread. The man who had the ability to change the world passed away at the age of just 46 in 1944. William was lost in history forever.

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