Unlock 2.0


Home Ministry has issued Unlock 2.0 guidelines on monday:

Following activities are provided relaxations under this phase.

1) Training institutions of governments can function from july 15

2) Night curfew timings are altered from 10pm to 5am

3) By following adequate physical distancing, shops can now allow more than five customers at a time

4) Expansion of Domestic flights operations

5) More Passanger trains to be allowed

Activities which are not allowed in the Unlock 2.0 phase:

1) Educational and coaching institutions  are not allowed upto july 31

2) Metro rail,Cinema halls, Gymnasiums, Swimming pools, Entertainment parks, Bars, Auditoriums, Assembly halls etc should remain shut

3) Social, Political, Religious, Sports, Entertainment and related functions are not allowed.

Inputs from Praveena Varma



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