US Navy Deployed Two Aircraft Carriers in South China Sea 

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US Navy had deployed two aircraft carriers “The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) and USS Nimitz (CVN 68)” in South China Sea to foil the Chinese force against Taiwan and other countries in the region. China started to hold power over South China Sea and North China Sea by occupying them, which are rich in minerals, oil and other natural resources which play a key role in global trade.

On Speaking on the Chinese territorial disputes, White House Official Mark Meadows said that, “They are going to be looking at how to make sure that China is addressed”. He also said that their Military stands strong and will continue stand strong, whether it’s in relationship to a conflict between India and China or any where else. He was even told that India had banned Chinese apps.

No Country on China’s Periphery, right now, is safe from Chinese aggression. Those countries want a close relationship with the US and we ought to have one. Said, Influential Republican Senator Tom cotton. He also spoke about how China started a border dispute with India and how it killed Indian Soldiers.

This came After the eight week border standoff between India and China troops in the Galwan Valley and other parts Ladakh, the situation worsened following the clashes between Indian army soldiers and their counterparts, which lead to the death of 20 Indian Army personnel.

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