Various freight incentive schemes introduced by indian railways to boost freight traffic


Railways have recently introduced various incentive schemes, to attract more freight transporters to tie up with Railways for transportation of freight traffic. These incentives/ benefits are provided at the Goods sheds and sidings, based on the traffic offered and according to the scheme guidelines. These incentive schemes are being liberalized even more to attract new freight traffics.

Earlier Concession was given to the loading of Fly Ash in uniform bagged condition. Railway Board has now permitted loading of loose/bulk Fly Ash in Open wagons. Applicable concession will be as, 40% concession on NTR( Normal Tariff Rate) for Open Wagons (Bagged or loose/bulk packing) and Flat Wagons ( Bagged packing) whereas for Covered Wagons, bagged packing will be permitted and will be charged at NTR of LR1(Low Rated) class only.

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