Video recording at sub-registrar’s office in AP to check irregularities in registration


In a bid to check irregularities in registrations in the sub registrar’s office and bring transparency in transactions, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken another crucial decision to videography the registrations process. To this end, it has directed the authorities to make arrangements for video recording and monitoring in 20 sub-registrar offices on a pilot project basis. Accordingly, it will be implemented a similar process across the state.

The State Revenue Department is designing the activity as per the government directives. The government says it will link and monitor the video recording process to a state-level control room. It seems that through this it is hoped that control of irregularities in registrations will be possible.

The decision came in the wake of several allegations of irregularities in land acquisition, double registrations, one-to-one registrations, and connivance of registration department officials. It is a known fact that governments have been making various efforts for a long time to control irregularities in registration offices. But there is a situation where the government is failing to control irregularities.

It remains to be seen to what extent this new experiment will be implemented, in the wake of the YCP government currently in power in the AP saying that it will deal with transparency in governance. The AP government, which already launched a comprehensive land survey and is gearing up for a purge of lands

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