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Vidisha Baliyan: Miss Deaf World Pageant


Vidisha Baliyan may need to read your lips to understand what you are saying. But this has never stopped her from chasing her dream. From braving repeated rejections to acing the Deaflympics, she has done it all

On 29th July, 21 years-old Vidisha Baliyan has crowned the winner of the 2019 Miss Deaf World Pageant. What makes her win extraordinary is her journey to i. Vidisha was diagnosed with s speech disorder and partial hearing impairment at birth with 100 percent hearing impairment in one ear and 90 percent in the other. After her diagnosis, the doctor advised them to send her to a special school but her parent, Dr. Deekshika Kumar and Vipin Kumar refused. They decided that their daughter would never see her impairment as a drawback.

After joining MN Public School in Muzaffarnagar, she not only had to push herself to learn at the pace of the other kids but also had to deal with bullying. But she never gave up and found a way to deal with this by investing her energy in sports like volleyball and basketball. However, what interested her the most was Tennis. After the age of 12, she practices tennis every day for two hours and was a runner-up in a state-level tournament held by the Uttar PradeshTennish Association. She also won two Silver Medals at the National games in 2016. In July 2017, she was even selected to represent India in the summer Deaflympics held in Samsun, Turkey. She secured fifth place, but her sports career came to halt because of an injury.

Vidisha refused to let this setback get to her, and went on to win the Miss Deaf World Pageant! Vidisha credits her never-say-die attitude to her parents. She is definitely a role model for everyone, and we hope that she achieves all her dreams.

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