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Vintage educational institutions in Vizag and the little history behind them


Although in Vizag we have many schools that provide quality education, do you know about these Vintage educational institutions present in Vizag?

Timpany school

This school was founded way before Independence in India. In 1923 Canadian baptist missionaries started European and Anglo-Indian Protestant schools near the Vizag railway station. Later on, the school was moved into the St John’s church compound in 1931. After the independence, by following the government’s directive this school became an Anglo-Indian protestant middle school.
In the 1960s, the principal Miss Laura Bian transformed it into a high school and relocated the campus near Waltair in 1964. At the time the name of the school was changed to Timpany in order to honour the first Canadian Baptist Missionary to the region – Rev Americus Vespucius Timpany.

Queen mary high school

In 1913, a school was started near St. John’s church compound. This was started as a Government Non-European girls secondary high school. Later on, this school was moved to the old collector’s office.
This school was initially started for the young widows by the British back then. After the practice of Sati has been aborted. So, women needed to take care of themselves. In order to take care of themselves, they need skills. So, in the initial stage to encourage them, they even provided a 15 Rs stipend for enrolling. They even provided a widow hostel, general and professional training for increasing the women staff. This experiment seemed to be successful and later on, many girls started joining this school.

AVN college

This college was founded in 1860 by Mr. Grant, Mr. E.Fane, M.R.Ry G. N. Gajapati Rao and M.R.Ry. C. Venkataswami Nayudu. In 1878 this college was raised to be a second-grade college. Maharaja Sir Gajapati Rao, the leading zamindar, has contributed to this school liberally for many years. It was also affiliated with Madras University. Then they changed the name of the college to Hindu college.
This college originally originated in Anglo-Vernacular school. Later in 1892, the late M.R.Ry. A. V. Narasinga Rao was married into the Godey family and had a will of one lakh rupees. He left Rs.15,000 to be named after his wife for college. On April 1, 1892 the managing committee took over this Hindu college and constructed a new institution. In the year 1900 a new building was constructed.

CBM High school

The oldest high school in Vizag. This school was originally called as London High school when it was founded. This school was established in 1836 by London Missionary Society. Then again it sold to Canadian Baptist Mission in 1911. Later on, it was called as Vizagapatnam High School then CBM high school.

There was an estimation that only 3 out of 100 can read and write. Whereas out of 1000 only 4 girls could be able to read and write in Vizag. With around 900 students in the year 1911 this school was known as one of the largest Anglo-Vernacular and oldest schools in the Madras Presidency.
In 1923 due to the cyclone, this school was severely damaged and was closed for a year. With the donations from England rebuilding was done. During the period of Mr. Daniel Lazarus BA as the principal this school gained a lot of reputation over his 40 years in charge.

St. Aloysius

In 1846, the Missionaries of St.Francis De Sales arrived in Vizag. The governing council agreed after refusing in 1846 for appointing Fr.Decompoix as the chaplain with 50 Rs as an allowance. The Fathers resided near the St. Aloysius school. Then Fr. Tissot with most enthusiasm attempted to build one school for boys and one school for girls. In 1847, Fr. Tissot started building the institution near the beach in a small house. Namely, this was the first ever catholic school in Vizag.

In 1864, this school was called St. Aloysius. Fr.Decompoix was the first principal here. St.Francis De Sales turned the ground floor of the building as the chapel in 1872 and dedicated prayers on this floor to Jesus.

This school was also affected due to a cyclone in 1923 and the government had it rebuilt under the relief program of the town.

St. Joseph’s convent and fort convent

These convents were founded back in 1867 when Vizagapatnam’s caste girls school in the Waltair and Waltair’s girls school in fort Vizag were under the French sisters’ management. These were supported by the Godey family. From 1858, the sisters resided in St. Anne’s Cathedral. With the gradual increase of the sisters there was a dedicated convent established in waltair. All the sisters moved to the newly built waltair convent in 1898. The school that was started by the nuns is then called St. Joseph European girls school.

When Mrs. Surya Prakash Rao Godey became the patroness then this institution was called as Maharani Gajapathi Rao Ladies Institution. Later on, Mrs. Narsinga Rao followed and supported.
Then later on when the catholic church bought the building in 1884 the sisters used the building as a school and convent. Public then began to call it Fort Catholic Convent.

By Priyanka Komakula

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