Visakhapatnam: Covid positive patients will be given an option of being treated at home


The situation in Visakhapatnam is worsening day by day as the rise covid positive cases is reaching new high everyday. From major parts of the city to many new villages, almost every mandal has been seeing increase in cases. This scenario has led the authorities to go for different ways to treat the patients.

Usually it takes almost 2 weeks for a patient to recover, meanwhile the new cases are on rise. So the Health officials are preferring to give an option of treating the patients without any symptoms with age below 60 years at home. If they have proper self isolation facility at home.

This option will only be provided only if the medical officer thinks that it is fit to do so,  after conducting tests related to the functioning of the kidneys, liver, respiratory, blood pressure etc. They should be below 60 years and should not be suffering from any other problem.

While, for self isolation at home they should have an attached washroom so that the patient does not come in contact with other family members, either directly or indirectly. The “Home Isolation Monitoring Cell (HIMC)” will continuously monitor the health of the patient. If the patient develops any complications then Rapid Response Teams will immediately rush the patient to the Covid-19 hospital.

Inputs from Praveena Varma


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