Visakhapatnam Role in India’s Independence


Visakhapatnam played its part in the freedom struggle. From 1921 to 1946 Gandhiji visited Visakhapatnam 5 times. When Mahatma Gandhi called for Salt Satyagraha many local leaders and people joined the movement and marched from Vizianagaram to Visakha Beach which is opposite to Town Hall. The Town Hall which was named ‘Victoria Diamond Jubliee Town Hall”, was inaugurated in 1904. It was a major meeting point for the freedom fighters and social activists, It became a base for Civil Disobedience and Salt Satyagraha movements in which Visakhapatnam people played their part.

Several freedom fighters including Kolluri Surya Gupta, Tenneti Viswanadham, Digumarthi Ramaswamy were arrested for making salt and auctioning it as a part of Salt Satyagraha. Several women including Janakibai Digumarthi were arrested and were sent to Vellore jail, Janakibai gave birth to a baby girl in that jail. Several freedom fighters from Visakhapatnam were also part of the Civil Disobedience Movement and were imprisoned in 1932 including Missoula Lakshmi Narasamma. In support of the Swadeshi movement, most of the people willingly wore Khadi and boycotted foreign goods.

Waltair Station has witnessed Gandhi’s speech in 1921, while he was traveling from Vijayawada to Calcutta with Maulana Mohammad Ali, Britishers have arrested Ali at Waltair Station. Then and there itself Gandhi addressed a large gathering at the station, which led to the beginning of a mass movement in Visakhapatnam.

Alluri Sitarama Raju was also involved in India’s freedom struggle with his followers from the Visakhapatnam district. Being part of the non-cooperation movement in his way, he fought against the British along with tribal’s. Alluri attacked the police stations in and around Chintapalle, Rampachodavaram, Narshipatnam, etc. killed police officers and took away the guns and weapons. He united the tribal’s and led one of the most important freedom struggles from Visakhapatnam forests.

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