Vitamin C – The Immunity Booster


The immune system is a network of cells, organs, and proteins that acts as the body’s first line of defense against the infections. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the immune system. It helps to increase the proteins, cells, and antibodies which are used for fighting the infections. 

Vitamin C which is also known as L-ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for growth and development. It is an antibiotic vitamin.

Benefits of Vitamin C:

1) Acts as a cure for the common cold
2) Helps in absorption of iron
3) Controls excess cholesterol
4) Protects the immune system against deficiencies
5) Important for eye health
6) Helps in preventing cancer
7) Reduces the risk of stroke
8) Maintains healthy skin 
9) Prevents and treats scurvy
10)Relieves depression and stress etc.

Sources of Vitamin C:

1) Lemon
2) Spinach
3) Broccoli
4) Potato
5) Cabbage
6) Cauliflower
7) Oranges
8) Guava
9) Papaya
10) Kiwi
11) Strawberries & blueberries
12) Watermelon
13) Pineapple
14) Parsley
15) Green peas etc.

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