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Vizag boy got crowned as “Mr. Dynamic Male” in Delhi


Among the glitz and the glamour, the sequins, and the hairspray, there are a few contestants on the pageant circuit not quite like the others. They’re pageant boys, competing for crowns in a girls’ world. Don’t be surprised!

Yes, he is 28 years old Praveen Kumar Maddila born and brought up in Vizag, now creating ripples in the fashion world with his good looks and rustic charm. For him, beauty knows no boundaries. At a young age, the seeds of the passion were sown, and as he got older, like millions of other middle-class Indian kids, he too was struck by the stardom of celebrities and wanted to be part of this glamorous world.

For him, leadership is a core competency and during his school days, he got twin positions as house captain and cultural secretary. Speaking to Hello Vizag exclusively Mr. Praveen said, “I think modeling is all about a state of perfection, of completeness, flawlessness, or supreme excellence. I remain in a challenging mode always to beat the odds in my life. Stating further, he said, my initial planning started during the Covid-19 pandemic by putting sticky notes at my home. I always challenge my skills whether it in fitness, diet, body flexibility, or reading books.

Praveen, an Engineer who felt that he needs to make his mark in the tough times of pandemic 2020. “Being handsome is not just about having a good-looking face rather a man needs to be complete in body, looks, and appeal. We are passionate about many things, and only those things work which we make it work and I made my passion work by time,” Praveen adds.

The boy from the city of Destiny, indeed slowly but steadily pushing himself into the limelight as he became the youngest to win the title “MR DYNAMIC MALE during the MR Delhi India World 2020 competition for his multi-talent skills. Judged by none other than Bollywood actor, director, and film producer Arbaaz Khan.

Praveen is in no way in the rat race to hit the bull’s eye by participating in a beauty pageant in Asia’s Biggest Bollywood event conducted by Skywalk Productions. The champion is determined to inspire people through strength and courage. He started focusing on his workout regime, his communication skills, and his body flexibility (dancing) building his dream lifestyle. Praveen Kumar Having won critical acclaim and mass appreciation for his performances in Dancing, Fitness, Ramp walk. While his good looks and body language are a plus point. There are so many brands he is looking forward to endorsing and make our city proud.

In his own words, Praveen said “Winning the title is indeed is very satisfying and it is the stepping stone of my journey to achieve more awards in the future”. The fashion fraternity and people of Vizag are really proud of his achievement and love the man for his refined and mature looks. It is interesting to know that he has a very good fashion sense, and has a marvelously well-built body. Let us wish him good luck in his future endeavors and be proud of the fact that he is from Vizag.

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